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OS OpenMap Local - All Buildings in Great Britain

This page contains links to building shapefile data for the whole of Great Britain, plus a link to a single GeoPackage containing all buildings in Great Britain, based on Ordnance Survey's OS OpenMap Local data product (open data). I've put these files together so that people can more easily extract building data for their area of interest without having to merge and/or clip them in a GIS. I've also added a field indicating which local authority each building is in (as in the header image above) and how large it is in square metres. You can easily download the raw data yourself from the OS OpenData website but it is split into tiles, which may not match the area you need data for, and it does not include local authority or square metre information. I've tried to add a little bit more value to the data, so I hope it is useful to the few boffins out there who care about this kind of stuff.

The Great Britain buildings layer is too big for a single shapefile, so it's split into different parts, covering Scotland, the North of England, the Midlands, the South East of England, the South West of England, and Wales. You can download all the files here, and you can read more about this in this blog post.

The I have also created a single GeoPackage which contains all buildings in Great Britain (can be opened in QGIS and later versions of ArcMap - e.g. 10.4). The zipped GeoPackage is 1.6GB in size and the unzipped version is 5.3GB, so not exactly small. They are a little bigger than the raw data files from Ordnance Survey because of the new fields I have added (i.e. as above, one that tells you which local authority a building is in, and another that tells you how many square metres each building covers). These are useful for exploring and filtering the data.  

Alasdair Rae

Last updated: 2 July 2018. I have now compiled a set of building shapefiles and a single GeoPackage that cover the whole of Great Britain, using OS Open Map Local data. 

Previous downloads

Greater London buildings - with Borough labels

Greater Manchester buildings - with District labels

Merseyside buildings - with District labels

South Yorkshire buildings - with District labels

West Yorkshire buildings - with District labels

**Greater Manchester building extract (OS Tile SJ89) - with building height data**

Tile finder: I've created a tile finder which you can use to find out which two letter tiles you need to download from OS OpenData. I've also added an interactive web map version below. Just click a tile to see the letters.

OS Open Map Local - Buildings

10km tile finder, from Mark Percival: Mark very kindly shared this with me to make available here - the download is a zipped shapefile.

All files are hosted on Google Drive - you normally have to click the download arrow at the top of the screen on the Google Drive page. Problems downloading? Try a different web browser. I offer these files for convenience but don't claim that they are error free (though I believe they are).


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