The English Indices of Deprivation were released on 30 September 2015, covering 32,844 small areas across England. In an attempt to save people some time, and to provide a little insight myself, this page provides access to an Indices of Deprivation 2015 shapefile, plus different sets of maps for every local authority in England. The shapefile was created by joining the original data from the Department of Communities and Local Government to a generalised LSOA boundary file sourced from the ONS Geography portal. Since this is all open data, you are free to use this as you wish - I've copied the licence conditions into a text file in the zipped shapefile folder you can download below. This file also contains details of each area's score from the 2010 Indices of Deprivation - and whether or not an individual LSOA remained unchanged.

There are several different sets of maps. The first provides higher resolution images (200dpi) and in this one I've made the map legends into a bar chart showing the percentage of LSOAs in each national decile within each local authority. I think this makes interpretation of the data easier and it also makes comparisons between areas more meaningful than simply comparing map colours. I also added in a little inset locator map in the top right because not everyone knows where every local authority actually is!

The second set provides maps based on full resolution LSOAs, with place names. I sourced the place names from OpenStreetMap so in some areas there are more named places than others. It does vary across the country but in general it works quite well. The third series of maps is the set I produced originally. There are a few quirks in here and I made these without labels, but I've kept them here in case anyone finds them useful. I have added in a little 2010 Indices of Deprivation inset map so that you can make some kind of visual comparison between the two datasets. The second two sets of maps are 150dpi so will be fine for general use (PowerPoint, Word, etc).

The fourth set of maps shows the 10% most and least deprived LSOAs in London in 2004 and 2015, for each Borough. These images are 300dpi, so you can really see the detail in them. I've added in building outlines here to aid orientation. There are further additions to the map series, as you can see below.

All you need to do to find a map of a local authority you're interested in is click on one of the map links below and then scroll down until you see what you're looking for. The file names are arranged alphabetically, in the form: imd2015_Sandwell, imd2015_Westminster, and so on.

Feel free to use these maps if you find them useful - no permission required. Just in case Dropbox is blocked at your workplace, I have also provided an alternative download link below.


1. GIS data: Indices of Deprivation 2015 Shapefile

2. Indices of Deprivation Map for Every Local Authority in England (with place names and bar chart legend) - example shown below

3. Indices of Deprivation Map for Every Local Authority in England (with place names) - example shown below

4. Indices of Deprivation Map for Every Local Authority in England (version 1, no place names)

5. London's 10% most and least deprived LSOAs: 2004 vs 2015

If Dropbox is blocked at your workplace try this Google Drive link instead for sets 2 to 5.

6.Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index 2015, for every local authority this is another Google Drive link.

7.The least and most deprived 1% of LSOAs in England, by local authority not all areas feature here.

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